The Night of Ideas - La Nuit des Idées 2022


Initiated in 2016 during an exceptional evening that brought together in Paris foremost French and international thinkers invited to discuss the major issues of our time, the Night of Ideas has quickly become a fixture of the French and international agenda. Every year, on the last Thursday of January, the French Institute invites all cultural and educational institutions in France and on all five continents to celebrate the free flow of ideas and knowledge by offering, on the same evening, conferences, meetings, forums and round tables, as well as screenings, artistic performances and workshops, around a theme each one of them revisits in its own fashion.


“Compiler” refers to a program that translates an advanced computer language, which is convenient for software programmers to write, into procedures readable and executable by the computer. If the computer operating system is used as a metaphor for social structure, and government, organizations, and people take on the role of different computer languages, then the “compilation” process may be considered as the method of communication. Just like a software program that requires compilation after it is written and edited before communication takes place, the same is true for a democratic society. People and the government need to communicate their diverse opinions iteratively via the method of compilation. Only after comprehensive communication is implementation viable by the computer system and society. During the pandemic, a country and its people work together to face the unknown brought by the continuously mutating virus and the spread of infection. With such unpredictable change and high levels of pressure, people have a right to monitor the establishment of governmental systems for the recovery and rebuilding of society to ensure its legitimacy, express their views and communicate in a timely manner, and to perform the “dynamic compilation” process at all times.

Yi-Wei Keng | Dramaturg of National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts-Weiwuying


Ⓐ Presentation 1 "Borders"

Associate Professor of Fu Jen Catholic University

Mindi World News Podcaster

Ⓑ Presentation 2 "Civil Society"

Associate Professor of National Central University

Kris Chu

Ⓒ Presentation 3 "Protecting citizen's right"

Pierre Goulange
Bureau Français de Taipei

Franklin Weng
Director of Software Liberty Association Taiwan

Supervisor|Ministry of Culture
Organizer|INSTITUT FRANÇAIS, Bureau Français de Taipei, Ministry of Culture
Curater|Taiwan Artist Space Alliance

Venue Partner|Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB)